Thursday, October 23

Long Hair Gal

This was the length of my hair before it was "trimmed" last December. I usually flat iron my hair once a year in December, but I'm kinda itching to flat iron it again before then. We'll see...


J. Marie

Tuesday, October 7

Perms and Color Don't Mix!

Some of us had to learn the hard way (raises hand). I LOVE to color my hair, but I've been taking a break from it, because NOT coloring my hair is actually something new for me. So I know all about color and perms (from back in the day). Even the thickest haired beauty will succumb to the perils of the color/perm combo. It's simply a matter of time.

This beauty decided to chop off all her damaged hair and happens to look gorgeous!

Would you do a big chop again?


J. Marie 

Thursday, October 2

How to Get Long 4c Hair

Determining your hair type can be an annoying process. However, it can prove to be helpful in that you learn how to take care and maintain your hair. What needs to be done for one hair type may not work for another. 4c hair is especially fragile and being equipped with the necessary information to keep your hair healthy can save time, trouble and prevent damage and breakage. If your hair type is 4c and you find it difficult to retain length, here are 10 steps to help you grow and maintain healthy hair:

Wednesday, October 1

Bang Bun Tutorial

It's been awhile. I've been getting used to two children and simply enjoying this first year of my baby girl's life.  I feel like my son was only a baby for 2 weeks, so I was determined to live in the presence for my second child. I've been co-sleeping with her (I know, I know), but I don't feel bad about it. However, it does hold me captive :-) I can't make a move without her fussing. I just started putting her in her crib, so I can get more time for me. She'll be 9 months in a few days.... It' just goes by so quick.

Anywho, I thought this tutorial was super easy and stylish - just what I like.


J. Marie

Tuesday, June 24

Anniversary Sale!

It's our anniversary today!!!!! We've been making and selling our wonderful products for three years!!! Thank you to all of our customers for investing in our home made goodies and apparel that we so enjoy making.

As a token of our appreciation, our Team Natural shirts and tank tops are ridiculously low priced - only $10.99 for a limited time only!!!!!!!

J. Marie

Thursday, May 22

New Team Natural Tank Tops Available!

Hi Beauties!

I'm super excited to show you our latest apparel - our Team Natural Tank Tops. They are available in black or white and are perfect for summer. Rock them with jeans and sneakers, a blazer and heels or around the house while you deep condition your hair. However you rock it, represent Team Natural!

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Saturday, April 19

Team Natural T-Shirts Available Now

I love these t-shirts and not just because I created them and sell them. These are not the standard see through, box t-shirt (with no shape). These are high quality fitted shirts that do not shrink when you wash them. Try one for yourself!!!! They are available in brown and black. Purchase one here.

xoxo J. Marie