Monday, March 16

New Product - Mango Shea Oil

Mango Shea Oil to the rescue!

Transform dry, damaged hair with essential  nutrients to repair strands and retain hair growth.

*Excellent Moisture Lock
*Amazing Shine
*Great Alternative to Shea Butter
*Perfect for dry, thick,  and coily hair

Vitamins A and E found in this oil works to REPAIR BREAKAGE and keeps your hair SOFT, NOURISHED and RADIANT.  It is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in locking in moisture without leaving your hair greasy or heavy.

Point blank, this oil is the bomb! This is especially great for those who haven't had any luck with shea butter, which can be too thick and weigh your hair down. With Shea Oil, you still get the benefits of amazing nutrients and supreme moisture lock without the heaviness of shea butter.