Tuesday, June 24

Anniversary Sale!

It's our anniversary today!!!!! We've been making and selling our wonderful products for three years!!! Thank you to all of our customers for investing in our home made goodies and apparel that we so enjoy making.

As a token of our appreciation, our Team Natural shirts and tank tops are ridiculously low priced - only $10.99 for a limited time only!!!!!!!


J. Marie

Thursday, May 22

New Team Natural Tank Tops Available!

Hi Beauties!

I'm super excited to show you our latest apparel - our Team Natural Tank Tops. They are available in black or white and are perfect for summer. Rock them with jeans and sneakers, a blazer and heels or around the house while you deep condition your hair. However you rock it, represent Team Natural!

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Saturday, April 19

Team Natural T-Shirts Available Now

I love these t-shirts and not just because I created them and sell them. These are not the standard see through, box t-shirt (with no shape). These are high quality fitted shirts that do not shrink when you wash them. Try one for yourself!!!! They are available in brown and black. Purchase one here.

xoxo J. Marie

Wednesday, April 2

Viola Davis - I am not going to traumatize my child about her hair

"I took my wig off because I no longer wanted to apologize for who I am. There is not one woman in America who does not care about her hair, but we give it too much value. We deprive ourselves of things, we use it to destroy each other, we’ll look at a child and judge a mother and her sense of motherhood by the way the child’s hair looks. I am not going to traumatize my child about her hair. I want her to love her hair."

Davis made her first wig-less debut on the Oscar red carpet in 2012 when she sparkled in an emerald green Vera Wang evening gown and her natural short cropped hair. At the time, she credited her husband for encouraging her to sport her natural do.

"My husband wanted me to take the wig off," she told InStyle magazine. "He said, 'If you want to wear it for your career, that's fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are!'"

Couldn't have said it better - step into who you are!

xoxo J. Marie

Tracee Ellis Ross - "I don't want you to have my hair"

No Tracee, we don't like you - we LOVE you!!! You are awesome and amazing and continue to be an inspiration not only for your fabulous hair, but your witty comebacks and your sincere spirit.

Submit a video and we will post it!

xoxo J. Marie

Saturday, March 22

Curl Boost Butter Reviews

Curl Boost Butter Customer Reviews:

"Love it, melted right into her hair and mine. My daughter and I both have thick coily 4a/b hair. I really like this product!"

"Love it! The smell is amazing and I absolutely love how soft it leaves my hair!"

"I love this butter. It does exactly as it says, this butter helps in boosting my curls while proving to be an excellent sealant. I will definitely be repurchasing this butter again. And it plays well with products from other lines. A keeper in my regimen. Ladies, dont sleep on this butter"

Get yours now and let me know what you think! 
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xoxo J. Marie

Saturday, March 15

Puff Puff Give


"If you don't count your blessings daily, one day you may wake up to find you have nothing to count."

-Dyleshia Hampton